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Novart Engineering provides professional inspectors to all areas of expertise in the construction field. Our services are not limited to the monitoring of the quality of works on site, but starts in
the design phase of the construction when we assist the beneficiaries in adopting the best technical solutions, taking
into account both technical and economic aspects through
the execution phase and during the exploitation. For us, site surveying means not only supervising and issuing the legal documents for the technical book of the construction, but also
a complete approach to all quality aspects of construction projects, construction management consultancy, contract management, planning and monitoring.
Our main responsibilities
1. Understanding the needs of the beneficiary regarding the quality
of projects;
2. Taking responsibility and coordination of the whole quality management process;
3. Verifying the correctness and completeness of the technical project
and construction permit compliance;
4. Verifying the correct execution of the works in accordance with the building permit, project technical specifications and technical regulations in force;
5. Checking compliance of the execution technologies to achieve high quality performance;
6. Prohibiting unauthorized use of materials and the use of unskilled labor;
7. Ensuring communication and collaboration with designers and legal procedures regarding changes to the project;
8. Ensuring compliance with legal provisions regarding the documentation of the execution of works;
9. Achieving the reception of the building objectives;
10. Preparation of the construction technical book.
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