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Novart Engineering’s services cater to all development phases of construction projects. We invite you to find out more.
management-proiect-constructii-novart engineering



1. Project initiation;

2. Project planning and monitoring;

3. Coordinating all parties involved in the project (investors, sub-contractors, suppliers, customers);

4. Monitoring and controlling all execution activities and processes;

5. Reports on the status of the project development and correctional measures recommendations;

6. Detailed financial reports.

management-contract-novart engineering


1. Services for public and private investors: consultancy in the contract negotiation stage, contract interpretation, contract risk assessment;

2. FIDIC contract management professional services.

dirigentie-santier-novart engineering


1. Verifying the correctness and completeness of the technical project and construction permit compliance, verifying the correct execution of the works in accordance with the building permit, project technical specifications and technical regulations in force, ensuring compliance with legal provisions regarding the documentation of the execution of works;

2. We provide professional inspectors to all areas of expertise in the construction field.


consultanta in constructii-novart engineering


1. Elaborating the cost plan and coordinating it with the project execution and financing programs;

2. Cost control;

3. Risk management: elaborating an organizational risk register, quality and quantity risk analysis, establishing the risk impact on the project, developing the risk response strategy.


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