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Novart Engineering belives that project management means vision and creativity, experience and practical knowledge, as well as implementing a set of techniques and procedures specific to the construction field, in order to achieve the project's objectives. Our performance in managing construction projects is the result of effectively combining these elements.
The multidisciplinary training of our staff enables us to engage in projects in all phases of their development: initiation, planning, execution and closure. In a construction project,
we act as project managers representing the beneficiary,
the financing institution or the general contractor.
Our services target
1. Analyzing project feasibility;
2. Establishing project objectives;
3. Establishing procedures/ methodology for the project management;
4. Developing the project schedules, using Critical Path Analysis,
calculating the project duration, critical path, and time reserves for
non-critical activities, project milestones according to the needs of the Client;
5. Estimating the cost for the project execution, in close connection
with the execution schedule;
6. Recommendations for constructive solutions for optimization of execution
time, costs and efficiency in exploitation;
7. Recommendations for savings in project execution, value engineering;
8. Organizing tenders for construction works, design and engineering services;
9. Consultancy in obtaining permits, approvals and building authorization according to the Romanian law;
10. Coordination and control of activities and resources in the design and execution phase;
11. Monitoring progress and ensuring compliance with the project objectives of cost, quality and time.
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