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Viewpoint for Projects has helped thousands of global project teams to deliver their projects on time and within budget.
That experience has helped us to produce a suite of project control solutions designed to help today’s project teams collaborate more effectively throughout the project
or process lifecycle.

Team Directory

  1. Project administrators benefit from an automated team directory. No longer
    do individual members of the project team have to keep an offline record
    of team details.

  2. The Viewpoint for Projects team directory provides a simple way to see the full contact detailsof everyone working on the project, portfolio or enterprise.

Team Calendar

  1. Viewpoint for Projects provides a simple calendar that is perfect for controlling collaborative meetings and events.

  2. The calendar can be used at an individual project level or across your entire portfolio.

  3. Individual users benefit from their own personal calendar, which summarizes their involvement in all meetings and events in one place.

Correspondence Management

Viewpoint for Projects offers a number of solutions that help individuals and teams to manage email and correspondence. All individual folders within Viewpoint for Projects can be customized with individual email addresses, allowing for example, a central e-mail archive folder to be established.

Rather than manually produce a 'dayfile' for distribution around the project team, incoming correspondence is circulated electronically within Viewpoint for Projects.
This removes an administrative burden whilst providing simple access to everything

in one place along with a detailed audit trail showing access and actions.

Project Dayfile

Dashboard (Inbox)

Everybody is under pressure to deliver "more for less" these days. Its more critical than ever to priorities your workload and focus your time and effort on those tasks that really require your action and not to be distracted by those items that really don't require your attention.The Viewpoint for Projects dashboard is designed to make it easy for project teams and individuals to visualize the tasks and activities that require their action.

Viewpoint for Projects discussion forums offer a simple way for teams to collaborate on points of discussion such as design development etc. Email is often traditionally used to create or contribute to these kind of discussions - but email comes with its own problems such as size limit, no audit trail, and poor archiving at the end of a project.
Viewpoint for Projects discussion forums help users work alongside email - but removes these problems whilst adding other significant benefits.

Discussion Forums


  1. Viewpoint for Projects allows users to easily design and implement workflows to control document, drawing and e-forms collaborative processes.

  2. Viewpoint for Projects makes it easy to seamlessly automate and manage collaborative review or distribution processes.

  3. Project teams can relax and have complete confidence that items entering a workflow will follow a predefined sequence where the individuals that need to take action are notified at the right time.


  1. Project teams or organizations can create custom online forms to standardize
    and facilitate collaborative data collection and process management.

  2. Viewpoint for Projects eForms can be tailored to replicate your collaborative processes and protocols, users can brand and configure them and produce custom reports on the information they capture.

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