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Whether you are a client who needs to manage a tendering process or a contractor who needs to manage a bid compilation and submission, Viewpoint for Projects can help.
We understand the collaborative challenges that surround
the procurement process and our solutions are designed
to make life easier so you can focus on your day job.


Bid, Tender and Chain Data Management

Managing a "bid" is not as simple as it used to be - especially when you form part of an integrated project team or consortium that are trying to win work. Procurement processes seem to get longer and more complicated as clients strive to select the right supply chain partners. Bid teams face the same collaborative problems as live project teams - lots of external project team members, high volumes of drawings, documents, email, etc. - and quite demanding timescales.


  1. Viewpoint for Projects makes it easy for bid teams to work together to create and manage their bid submissions.

  2. Selecting the right supply chain is tough for clients: you need to make sure
    you select the right team for your project or process. There are lots of forms of procurement processes to choose from - buy whichever one you prefer, Viewpoint for Projects will help you to control the collaborative procurement process from creating your tender packages to controlling queries and bid submissions. Our tender templates are easy to customize and easy to use.

  3. Viewpoint for Projects helps you to capture and use your entire supply chain information one place. Who's working on your projects or processes? Which organizations provide what services and what areas do they cover? All questions that Viewpoint for Projects can answer at the click of a mouse button.

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