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Project planning using Critical Path Analysis

Novart Engineering’s experts develop the schedule for the project execution using Critical Path Analysis method and taking into account all phases of the project - design and execution
of construction works (all trades - structure, architectural finishes, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, weak currents, equipments), project completion and delivery.
We develop the Work Breakdown Structure, which will include all phases and work packages
that must be executed in the project. We also establish and explain the project milestones
and the project deliverables.
Furthermore, we establish the organizational structure of the project (Organizational Breakdown Structure), which will include the parties involved in the project and the interactions between them. A communication plan in the project will be developed also.In the execution phase, the project planning will be developed considering the technological, organizational and external project constraints. A method statement will be developed describing the works to be done, the obstacles, the proposed method to approach the execution of the works, equipment and machinery used (cranes, formwork, scaffolding, facade elevators, etc.).

In current conditions for carrying out construction projects require the use of project management systems. We are using at an advanced level, project management tools like Microsoft Project, Primavera, Asta PowerProject. For linear projects (road construction and rehabilitation) we use Tilos.


Planning and Control of Costs

The cost of a construction project is one of the most important parameters that must be met
for the project success. Keeping costs within budget is always the result of an efficient management involving realistic cost estimation and permanent planning and control over these.


In the initiation phase of the project Novart Engineering wil estimate the investment costs, 
analyze the cash flow during the project execution and operation, determine the financing requirements, as well as calculate the financial indicators of the project.
In the design and execution phase, we implement the planned budget ensuring that each package of works that will be contracted is within the budget.


We will determine the impact that any changes that can occur during the project execution can have on the project costs. Costs will be allocated to project activities in the project management system used and will be monitored periodically when the project schedule will be updated
and also will be a system of monitoring the payments to the contractors and avoiding
payment of unexecuted works.


Planning and Control of Resources

Within the project execution schedule Novart Engineering will embed the designers schedule (document release schedule), General Contractor and subcontractor’s schedules (human resources, materials, plant based on productivities and volumes of work) and the main suppliers of materials, equipment and services in order to obtain a realistic program of the project execution, avoiding interruptions, overall locations, cost overruns and conflicts in the project execution.

Our team of experts will provide weekly updates in terms of resource utilization, resource use analysis, analysis of deviations from approved resources to plan for delays or cost overruns, calculation of material, labor and equipment necessary to complete the project phases
or proposals for optimization.


Project Risk Management

Risk analysis at project level includes developing a risk register applicable to the analyzed project, qualitative and quantitative risk analysis, assessing the impact that the risks have over costs, activities’ durations and project quality, developing three possible scenarios for project execution (optimistic, most likely, pessimistic) that underlie strategic and tactical management decisions required in the project.


During the project execution Novart Engineering will develop what-if scenarios to determine the most suitable technologies that can be used in the project. When necessary, the risk register
will be updated.

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