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Effective collaboration requires project teams to be able to easily share, control and manage large quantities of documents such as contracts, schedules, specifications and reports while having full confidence that everyone is working from the most recent version.
Whether you simply need to manage documents for a specific project or implement a more effective document collaboration solution across your entire business, Viewpoint for Projects can help.

Fast bulk uploading

  1. Viewpoint for Projects supports uploading and unpacking ZIP files, speeding up the time required to upload large files.

  2. The 4Explorer plugin can be used to create a virtual network drive on your computer, allowing you to drag, drop and register files into the project you are working on directly through Windows Explorer.

  3. Viewpoint for Projects also allows you to use an Excel spreadsheet as part of the upload process, dramatically reducing the time required to fill out document details in bulk.

Document Control and Management

The Viewpoint for Projects Document Management solution makes it simple to issue, store, distribute, review, revise and track documents - giving you the security that there is only "one version of the truth". Simple to deploy, access and customize:

  1. Create your own folder hierarchy to store and share documents. Any document format can be stored in the folder hierarchy, including Office files, traditional CAD files, BIM files and emails.

  2. Viewpoint for Projects allows you to setup your own custom metadata fields so you can organize your documentation in a way that suits you, and simplifies the way traditional document registers are displayed so your project team can quickly access the information they need.

  3. With “Live revise” you can revise Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) documents directly from Viewpoint for Projects, with no need to save the files locally. Have people in different locations update your risk register, specification, or report, with a full revision history allowing you to see exactly who modified a document and when it was revised.

  4. Viewpoint for Projects follows best-practice document control and allows you to associate several files with a single document. This ensures, for example, that drawings issued in PDF and DWG are registered as a single document, and revised together.

  5. Viewpoint for Projects makes it easy to share and review photographs from mobile devices and webcams. It's easy to create a photograph library to help manage standards or to capture and manage site based progress images.


  1. Creating workflows is a breeze in Viewpoint for Projects with the intuitive, visual workflow designer. Design simple or complex workflows in a graphic flowchart-style interface, making it easy to align with your existing processes.

  2. Project teams can relax and have complete confidence that items entering a workflow will follow a predefined sequence where the individuals that need to take action
    are notified at the right time.

  3. Colour-coding in the document register allows you to see exactly where a document
    or form is in its workflow, and whether it's overdue.

Document Viewing and Revising

  1. Our integrated viewing tool means there is no need for additional software to allow Viewpoint for Projects users to view and mark up drawings, documents and photographs even if they don't have access to the software they were created in.

  2. The integrated online viewer allows you to view hundreds of different files types such as AutoCAD, Microstation, RevIT, and PDF without needing the native software installed on each user's computer. Save money on licenses and administrative overhead.

  3. Add markups and redlines to your files and compare different versions of the same document, or completely different documents.

  4. With “Live revise” you can revise Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) documents directly from Viewpoint for Projects, with no need to save the files locally.

The ability to easily "distribute" information to individuals or groups is essential to the success of any collaborative project or process. Viewpoint for Projects gives users the ability to select from several simple solutions that guarantee that the right information reaches the right people at the right time.

Transmittals and Submittals

Standards and Templates Library

Ensuring that everyone is working to the right standard or template is difficult enough across your own organization but that job gets a lot harder when you are working with external project teams and supply chains.

Viewpoint for Projects makes it really easy to create libraries that ensure everyone has access to the very latest document or form template

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