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Novart Engineering provides professional consultancy services for both beneficiaries and investors, as well as for construction companies. Beneficiaries and investors can count on us for project management outsourcing, consultancy in planning and control of projects, as well as consultancy
in tendering, tender evaluation, and projects audit.
For construction companies we provide consultancy
in preparing the project management documentation
for tendering to private or public projects.
Furthermore, we offer project management procedures implementation and planning and control of project portfolios.


Consultanta-in-constructii-novart engineering
Services for construction companies

1. Consultancy in preparing the project management documentation
to participate for tendering to private or public projects:
  • execution schedule;
  • method statement;
  • required resources;
  • cash flow;
2. Outsourcing the planning and scheduling services for the projects
and portfolios that the construction company is developing;
3. Implementing project management procedures in
construction companies.
Services for beneficiaries and investors

1. Project management outsourcing;
2. Consultancy in planning and control of projects;
3. Consultancy in tendering, tender evaluation, projects audit;
4. Site surveying.
Our services are presented on the SEAP platform -,
in the direct purchases section and costs are within the limit for normal value and complexity projects.
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