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All those who work in the construction industry have their part to play looking after their own health and safety and in improving the industry's health and safety record.
Construction Design and Management Regulations (CDM) help you to improve health and safety, have the right people for the right job at the right time to manage the risks on site, focus on effective planning and manage the risk.

Design Change Management

Viewpoint for Projects helps projects teams to control design change management, making it much easier to manage distribution, review, query and instruction processes.

Package Management

Viewpoint for Projects package management solution allows project teams to easily create and manage work package structures to reflect the breakdown of individual projects or work streams. Packages can be easily created, updated and distributed.

Information Required &
Design Deliverables Schedules

Collaborative project teams can create simple schedules that identify when key project documentation or milestones must be completed. Viewpoint for Projects helps track planned, forecast and actual dates so that problems can be identified in advance and lessons can be learnt for the future.

The Manual contains full details on everything from the correct way to clean the carpets, to the correct maintenance schedule for the air conditioning.

O&M Manual

Health & Safety File

Viewpoint for Projects makes it easy to assemble, distribute and maintain key information and documentation required for the health and safety file.


Viewpoint for Projects removes the challenge of having to maintain access to key information at the end of a project or process for liability or contractual requirements.4Projects users can select from online or offline archive solutions.

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