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BIM Project Management

Implementing BIM (Building Information Modelling) technology in construction projects is meant to reduce by 20% development costs of projects. The technology and know-how that Novart Engineering provides allows each actor involved in the design, construction or maintenance stage of a construction project to take part in the BIM processes. Traditional business processes are improved, resulting new business processes in construction, more efficient in terms of costs throughout the life cycle of the project. Our experts use British Standards and specifications such as BS1192 and PAS1192 to ensure
a successful implementation of BIM in the projects and organizations of our clients.
8. Increased use of precast and design for manufacturing; 
9. Interoperability between the BIM design systems and the systems used in the procurement, execution and maintenance of the constructions, including the usage of the models on the site, by the execution team;

10. COBie for the maintenance of building assets; 
11. Animations and 4D and 5D scheduling; 
12. Reduced execution time; 
13. Control of quantities and costs, material lists generated from the BIM model; 
14. Collaboration between all parties involved in the project on the 3D model of the building, in all project phases, from concept, design, construction and maintenance; 
15. 20% lower costs in project execution;

BIM changes the traditional way in which a construction project is delivered, providing:
1. Analysis of virtual model of the building; 
2. Identify the problems of design and execution, identifying clashes between specialties; 
3. Authorization of the models by the Beneficiary which ensures conformity with business objectives; 
4. Improved workflows for production and use of the project documentation; 
5. Integration into BIM of the construction object information in all specialties - architecture, structural design, installations, fit out elements; 
6. Change Control - analyse the impact of change, lower costs for changes; 
7. Control of the construction supply chain by involving the producers or the material and equipment suppliers and by integration into BIM, from the design or tender/procurement phase of the virtual models of the material and equipment including also technical specifications, type, size, warranty and maintenance specifications ensuring this way the suitability with the Building Information Model;
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