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4D Planning in construction projects

4D planning in construction projects means the process through which the three dimensional geometric model (3D) incorporates the time parameter (4D) as a new dimension of the project.
Using 4D virtual models, Novart Engineering simulates the evolution in time of the entire process, from the initial stages until the end of execution.
We integrate Gantt plannings with the 3D model of the project, in order to perform dynamic and realistic simulations, to obtain an efficient management of resources and to create scenarios, before implementing in real time.
Thereby, the process of execution of the projects are performed according to plan, avoiding the delays, the additional costs and resources or other unforeseen expenses.

4D Planning means

1. Integration of Gantt chart with 3D BIM project model;

2. Simulation of project execution;

3. Dynamic clash detection;

4. Effective coordination of specialities (structure, architecture, installation);

5. Risk mitigation, tracking the progress and changes;

6. Project planning and implementation of scenarios, on work execution and set resources;

7. Delivery of high quality projects, according to the plan.

8. 20% time and 10% cost mitigation.

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